The aim of the Student Admissions Policy is to ensure that:

  • a wide range of flexible education and training opportunities are available; designed to meet the needs specified by industry, community, both locally and globally 
  • opportunities to access and progress to higher-level study are developed in line with market demand and industry guidelines 
  • all learners have equitable and equal access 
  • a suitable learning environment is provided for all students 
  • students are admitted with integrity onto the correct programme and level.
  • Students admitted have a reasonable expectation of success at the conclusion of the programme.

Our admissions process is: 

  • Transparent 
  • Aimed at selecting students who are able to complete the course, as assessed by their achievements and their potential 
  • To strive to use assessment methods that are reliable and valid 
  • To seek to minimize barriers for applicants 
  • To be professional in every aspect of management and learning environment