Class Starts Every Week!

CTEVT160 Hrs (15 Days)
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8AM – 9AM / 9AM-10AM / 10AM-11AM

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Class Starts Every Week

Barista skills at Skill Campus is an intensive coffee making program that will provide you with the basic skills and confidence to work as a barista in cafes and restaurants. The skills acquired will also help you to prepare great-tasting coffee. Students will be able to learn the basic theory of coffee making, origin of coffee, different types of coffee which are served globally. Students will have a lot of opportunities to practice making different types of coffee by using a commercial espresso coffee machine.

This program can help to fine tune your skills in making espresso coffee and will provide you with more in-depth skills and knowledge so that you can progress to the more complex aspects of espresso making.


Training Outline

  • Introduction to Barista
  • Brief History of Coffee
  • Knowledge of Coffee Species
  • Espresso Machine, Parts and Functions
  • Art of Espresso
  • Understanding Factors that affects Coffee Quality
  • Enemies of Coffee
  • Troubleshooting Espresso Shot
  • Four Fundamentals of Coffee
  • Alternative Coffee Brewing Methods
  • Coffee Testing Steps and Elements
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Basics
  • Guide to Milk Steaming, Frothing and Pouring
  • Espresso Beverages Preparation
  • Beverage Communication
  • Ground Coffee Vs Instant Coffee
  • A Glossary of Coffee Terms
  • Understanding Deployment and Work Station
  • Health & Hygiene Standards and Maintaining Checklist
  • Understanding Customer Service and Increasing Sales
  • Barista Duties & Responsibility

Entry criteria:

  • No prior experience required
  • Interested persons, at least grade eight pass and able to read and write English