Message From CEO  

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to choose Skill Campus.

Learning to do what you love makes learning fun and I know that studying with us will be exciting, interesting, colorful, and challenging. All of that is with the promise that a very rewarding career lies ahead of you. I encourage you to now take the next step in ‘creating your future and achieving your goal‘.

Studying hospitality opens up a variety of career path choices. Our industry is vast, incorporating hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, cafes, airlines, cruise ships, events, convention centers, travel operators, and tourist guides.

In the 15+ years of academic as well as industry experience in Australia and Overseas, I have witnessed the value of vocational education and how you as hospitality graduates can thrive in today’s economy.

I invite you to this amazing journey with Skill Campus, where we engage you with the finest learning experience in the country. Together, we will do wonders. 

Prithivi Raj Parajuli  | Certified Hospitality Educator

Founder / CEO